We believe that one small step of action can do more good than a mountain of talk. We’re committed to bringing productivity, community and hope to the young generations of Nepal.

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Nepal is a country known the world over for its breathtaking natural beauty and its towering mountain ranges, but most people aren’t as familiar with the severe challenges faced by its younger generations.

Teens and young adults face nearly 50% unemployment. They wander the streets of Kathmandu, and most young men choose to leave Nepal entirely by the time they reach 30 years old.

The situation for young children can be even worse. Many work long hours in the brick kilns that dot the landscape of Kathmandu. Some work to help support their families; others have been kidnapped and forced to craft what some people call “blood bricks" (see Guardian article here). 

Not many people have made it a priority to help these younger generations find positive, productive reasons to stay and thrive in Nepal. 

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Our philosophy and approach as we come alongside the younger generations of Nepal is Think, Be, Do.

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Transformation begins through new ways of thinking, a reality we encourage through art days (where we help children to express their own stories through art) and through weekly classes.

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We believe that understanding who we are precedes right actions, and that all real change happens in relationship, beliefs we reinforce through fitness routines and mentorship.

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Hiking, rock climbing and cleaning up litter are some of the many actions we pursue together as the natural outflow of love and our true growth as people.


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